There can be no Climate Justice without Racial Justice

Cadwalader Park, Trenton, NJ March 20, 2021

The remedies to many environmental tragedies presently exist.
Climate solutions include science, civics, community relationships, and a work ethic.

Did you notice our new logo at the top of the page?

ScienceMentors has chosen a logo for the times.  2021 is a year when conscious people know how important inclusion is on every front. Integrity, as a value, is screaming for re-birth. It is urgent for humankind  to pursue  Climate Justice  if our future on this planet  is to continue.  If our young men and women of color are excluded from the creation and production of  Just solutions, the transformation will not hold.

THE 2021 RAP

We have dirty streets
So the earth’s trying to flirt with me
Saying “work with me
Because people here are hurting me.”

She says “Memphis,
I know you’re just an apprentice,
We need science, technology, and inventions.”

I’ll do my best work
Do anything to protect earth
We all should be grateful
Because she gave us birth

People call her mother
But I think they treat her like a sister
They don’t respect her
And act like they won’t miss her
But if she dies then we die
Acid rain’s her cry
And taking care of the earth
Is where our destiny lies

I stress to these guys
“Stop polluting the skies
Man we wouldn’t survive
If we all had to fly!”

Respect the animals
Make your own earth manual
You can love things
But love the environment more
See what mentoring’s about
At ScienceMentors

THE 2000 RAP

Board of directors

Maureen J. Quinn

Philip Duran

Jill Grieveson

THE ROOTED IN JUSTICE Teen Advisory board

Daisy DePaz (Alumna)

Louise Salley (TCHS 2023)