There can be no Climate Justice without Racial Justice

Cadwalader Park, Trenton, NJ March 20, 2021

The remedies to many environmental tragedies presently exist.
Climate solutions include science, civics, community relationships, and a work ethic.

The ScienceMentors 1 to 1 Way

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” 
Mary Oliver

As science mentors, we follow Carl Sagan’s pronouncement that “Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge” 

Instead of bringing a fully framed program to our teens, we’ve chosen to ask this question when the student shows interest. It comes from poet Mary Oliver: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life” – It is illuminating that usually reluctant boys respond with specificity. “I want to be a pilot” – “I want to be an aerospace engineer” Our response- “Let’s create a path so that this goal becomes a reality”– We found a mentor with a Flight Simulator and willingness to teach – This engendered motivation and commitment in the young man who asked for twice a week instead of one – The aerospace engineer goal is being met by an introduction to a mentor program alumnae who herself became an Aerospace engineer and who, during her internship, helped re-assemble the debris that fell from the Challenger explosion.

In addition to delivering the needs for their individual dream, we are dedicated to building a group of young people who engage with one another in a variety of outcomes that benefit the community—we unearth their talents and build on them while introducing them to new ideas.

This approach has attracted adults and teens who like the fact that the only requirement for a student to join, is that he or she is interested. It takes more time but the present struggle that teens are facing can only be repaired through individual attention. Complexity requires attention to detail. It is the gift that an individual non-profit group can provide if basic resources are available.

ScienceMentors has chosen a logo for the times.  Conscious people know how important inclusion is on every front. Integrity, as a value, is screaming for re-birth. It is urgent for humankind to pursue  Climate Justice if our future on this planet  is to continue.  If our young men and women of color are excluded from the creation and production of just solutions, the transformation will not hold.


ScienceMentors 1 to 1 is an organization that aims to develop competency and self-esteem in high school
students through the application of the scientific method to environmental issues facing our society.


America’s need for innovation to produce jobs, and the imperative to better educate our children to foster future innovation. 

Notably, environmental innovation is among the top priorities. While scientific innovation and education top our national agenda, recent nationwide science test results show that only about one-fifth of high school seniors score at or above proficiency level.

Despite several decades of federally supported programs, minorities continue to be underrepresented in the scientific workforce.

ScienceMentors 1 to 1 is transforming this model, one student scientist at a time. The program supports student mentees at Trenton Central High School, a largely under-served student population. The volunteer Mentors are selected from a cross-section of scientists, business
executives, educators and public servants who dedicate their time and resources to improving the performance and the potential of their student mentees.

Board of directors

Maureen J. Quinn

Jill Grieveson

Daisy DePaz