About Us

 Dan Fatton, New Jersey State Director, Energy Foundation gave us a tour of environmental worthy locations including a preview of daylighting of the Assunpink which will restore migratory fish habitat, improve the overall stream ecology of the Assunpink Creek, and enhance urban recreational opportunities. Pictured: Karen, LaTonya, Jeremiah, Louise, Tina, Diego, Macie, Maureen & Dan.


ScienceMentors 1 to 1 is an organization that aims to develop competency and self- esteem in high school
students through the application of the scientific method to environmental issues facing our society.


America’s need for innovation to produce jobs, and the imperative to better educate our children to foster future innovation. 

Notably, environmental innovation is among the top priorities. While scientific innovation and education top our national agenda, recent nationwide science test results show that only about one-fifth of high school seniors score at or above proficiency level.

Despite several decades of federally supported programs, minorities continue to be underrepresented in the scientific workforce.

ScienceMentors 1 to 1 is transforming this model, one student scientist at a time. The program supports student mentees at Trenton Central High School, a largely under-served student population. The volunteer Mentors are selected from a cross-section of scientists, business
executives, educators and public servants who dedicate their time and resources to improving the performance and the potential of their student mentees.

a program for our times

Goal: To increase the number of people of color, both adults and young Trenton students, in the world of Climate Change while inspiring them to be lifelong Climate Activists.

How: Using high quality recent films and Investigative Journalism, as a base line for thought.
From the films and journalism, the students can identify solutions to current problems.

  • First Step: Fully understand the solution presented for a current climate challenge.
    Second Step: Research with mentor/adult three professional people(business or government entity) who are in the process of solving the chosen problem. One of the interviewees can be in a TED talk…Two need to be face-to-face interviews (mask to mask). Questions need to be pre-prepared and notes should be taken by student/mentor. Student can ask to record interview and pictures are most important.
    Third Step: List the supplies/equipment needed to build an exhibit that defines the solution to the chosen climate challenge. The ScienceMentors program will support reasonable needs.
    Fourth Step: Prepare to be a docent for the visual presentation which will take place (we sincerely hope) at the end of May at an outside location.

The list of films/Ted Talks

(first watch Prince Ea (YouTube) Man vs. Earth at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrzbRZn5Ed4

a. Climate Justice can’t happen without racial justice – David Lammy (Ted)
b. The case for stubborn optimism on climate – Christina Figueres (Ted)
c. A Life on Our Planet – David Attenborough – Netflix
d. Down to Earth (Costa Rica) – Zac Efron – Netflix
e. NEED to GROW -Amazon Prime and Earth Conscious Films (if a fee, program will pay it)
f. NYTIMES – The Social Life of Forests