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Mentee Jibri with his mentor Phil built a drone.

Transformation is Coming:   The Forest, The Soil, The Water awaits your attention!!

BRING IT!!!!  Your academic and career expertise along with your love and desire to build a more healthy planet.
 You will JOIN a community of young people who are full of ideas and hope  Contact us !! 

Become a Mentor

Men and women who choose to mentor speak often of the transformation that took place in their lives.

Become a Mentee

Students who have been part of the program for the last 27 years discovered talent and expertise that they did not know they had.

Birding/Abbot marshland walk

Marc Silver, a mentor alumnus (an excellent birder and photographer) led the first outdoor adventure of the year.
They covered only a bit of the 3000 acres which means many more visits are possible.
Meet some of our friends – New people and alumni are getting in touch.  We are building a youth advisory board so the future is full of possibility
I’m not identifying their professional backgrounds so that we stay wide open to every expertise (career or profound hoobies)
Arian & Doug
Amanda & Delia
Louise & Karen
Phil & Anthony
Rebecca & Daisy
Michael & Brittany
Daisy & Nemecis
Jeremiah & Brian
Damon & Ayouba
Brianna & Diego
Akelia & Cesia

other teams in our galaxy of stars

other stars in our galaxy

and we have a whole crew of  alumni and alumnae who want to Bring IT!!

Join us!!!!